Toxic Tort Coverage and Litigation

by Megan M. Le  
December 16, 2015

Our firm counsels on and resolves coverage disputes, as well as develops new products to capitalize on insurance for “mass tort” perils. Our practice group represents major domestic, London, Bermuda and other foreign insurers, and has litigated or arbitrated against Fortune 500 companies over nearly all the major mass tort coverage issues presented by toxic substances like asbestos and lead, and therapeutic products like over-the-counter drugs, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Our lawyers helped develop the first Asbestos Abatement Liability policies available in the market, one of the most successful insurance products of its kind. We have worked with major domestic and foreign insurers to arrange one of the largest alternative risk transfers of toxic tort liabilities from policyholder to insurers. In addition, we work on policies and endorsements for domestic and Bermuda insurers to accommodate the special insurance needs of their major clients to address their mass tort exposures in a prudent, calculated manner.

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