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December 16, 2015

We have extensive experience working with our clients in the ever evolving world of media law and intellectual property law, whether as an advocate in litigation or through counseling and in negotiations and transactions. Our attorneys have represented a broad array of clients on matters involving the law of defamation and privacy including news organizations and reporters, publishers, individuals, political parties, independent journalists, blog sites and Internet website developers. Our attorneys are experienced in obtaining government files under freedom of information statutes on behalf of our clients including in one notable rare case in which the court ordered testimony concerning the location of electronic files and the adequacy of the efforts by the government to locate responsive files.

With respect to privacy law in particular, we have vast experience on issues spanning both traditional privacy concerns and emerging issues in the electronic and cyber worlds. We have counseled clients on data security, the changing legislative landscape and other evolving issues arising in this increasingly complex area.

As part of this practice, we represent individuals and entities in the entertainment field, including authors, publishers, artists, directors, movie studios and theater companies, in providing advice and counsel, including with respect to copyright issues and similar concerns, as well as in negotiating contracts and business arrangements.

In related fields, and unlike many firms of our size, we have substantial experience in protecting our clients’ constitutional rights and especially their First Amendment rights including, for example, in disputes involving claims of defamation and challenges to regulatory schemes such as regulations of signs and charitable solicitations. In other matters, our attorneys have represented clients in gaining access to locations for the purposes of speech such as art installations in public spaces and advertising on publicly owned transportation, such as subways and buses. Our attorneys have earned distinction as advocates for clients in constitutional law, civil liberties and civil rights cases including cases seeking to vindicate the rights of free speech and association, the right to travel and to a visa to enter the United States to engage in political association with individuals here, the rights of political and religious groups under the First Amendment, and the right to privacy. Our attorneys’ experience includes representation of religious groups in disputes with the government as well as in disputes with members.

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