December 16, 2015

Our practice group in commercial and business litigation has defended a wide range of commercial and business disputes for businesses of all sizes. We are engaged by a company’s insurer or the companies themselves. We have appeared for our clients in state and federal courts and arbitration. Our group also has extensive experience litigating cases relating to all aspects of insurance, primarily from the insurer’s side, and cases involving the federal securities laws. We have represented individuals and companies involved in disputes concerning contracts, computer software, wages, employment terms and termination, business formation and dissolution, and directors and officers liability litigation, among many other areas.

We believe in open communication with the client. Each case is evaluated in depth with the client to determine at the outset whether early resolution should be pursued for the best client result. In the event the matter in dispute is not able to be resolved by negotiation, the client can feel confident that our litigators are excellent trial lawyers, before judge or jury.

D’amato & Lynch, LLP

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